Azcue Pumps, assured quality for over 100 years.

Azcue Pumps USA is the North American distributor and service center for pumps manufactured by the premier specialist in marine, industrial, power, and water treatment pump applications. With over 100 years of manufacturing experience, Azcue Pumps is committed to providing quality and reliable pumps. We have a dedicated team who can provide you with technical expertise and service.

We can help find the right pump for you!

Since the beginning, Azcue Pumps has been a brand synonymous with excellence and quality. With an unbridled focus on the manufacturing process, Azcue turns raw materials into the pumps you can rely on and trust. Each pump is meticulously tested and inspected to produce the highest quality product. With a certified control process, you can be assured that all Azcue Pumps meet the high demands of your industry and can pass rigorous Type Approval standards. When you purchase an Azcue Pump, you are receiving a product that is carefully crafted to meet your needs.

Looking for Spare Parts?

Azcue Pumps offers a range of spare parts for all pump models, including shafts, seals, bearings, and O-rings. With a forward-thinking part interchangeability system, Azcue spares help to reduce the storage space required for spare stock. And because Azcue has a 15 years guarantee on the supply of spare parts for all models, you can have the confidence that when you need a spare, it will be available.

Working Together for the Enviornment

Azcue Pumps are leading the way in new ballast water treatment systems. As part of the push to keep our waters clean, Azcue Pumps USA has partnered with organizations to utilize Azcue Pumps in their ballast water treatment systems. Due to Azcue Pump’s reliability and long service life, along with the ability to meet the critical requirements of the system, Azcue Pumps was a good fit for a ballast water treatement system application. And because Azcue has interchangeable spare parts for quick servicing, these systems will be able to be to remain up and running to ensure our oceans stay healthy.