Azcue Pumps Applications

Azcue Pumps have a vast range of pump solutions spanning many applications, and as a result is one of the most respected names in the pump manufacturing industry.

Marine Applications

Azcue Pumps have served the maritime community for over 100 years. Azcue pumps are aboard thousands of vessels around the world. With an offering that includes seawater, bilge, fire, oil, and fuel, Azcue Pumps has a complete catalog of Marine applicable pumps. Pumps can be customized to fit a variety of needs. Additionally, Azcue offers Marine Type approval* for all pumps. Obtaining spares is simple, and with interchangeable parts can help reduce space about your vessel.

Azcue Pumps Marine use cases include:

Offshore Applications

Azcue Pumps continues to provide pump solutions to our partners in the oil and gas industry. When it comes to the production of oil and gas, having a reliable pump system is critical. Not limited to land only, Azcue Pumps can be found in many offshore applications. Azcue Pumps has a full suite of pumps that can handle the rigorous requirements of the offshore industry, including high temp fluids, severe pressure, and hazardous operating areas.

The offshore use cases include but are not limited to:

Wastewater & Sewage

It is not uncommon to find Azcue Pumps in wastewater treatment and sewage applications. Azcue Pumps commonly support the removal, transfer, and treatment of wastewater. We have an offering of pumps that are capable of meeting the diverse needs of the municipal and water services industry. Azcue Pumps can handle corrosives, abrasives, semi-solids, and many types of fluids. Pumps can be constructed with resilient materials to match the rigorous nature of water treatment. Let us help match you with the right pump for your specific use.

Here are some of the use cases that can be serviced by Azcue Pumps:


Azcue Pumps can be found in many leisure yachts around the world. Similar to the commercial marine industry, many yacht builders and yards rely on Azcue Pumps to supply pumps for various uses. From bildge to cooling, Azcue Puimps can outfit a solution for your specific application.

Here are some of the use cases:

Other Applications

Azcue Pumps can be found in many industrial applications on land and offshore. What is most remarkable is that there are very few pump related use cases that cannot be addressed with an Azcue Pump.

Here are some of the other applications that can be served with an Azcue Pump:

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