Azcue KL/KB

Eccentric Screw Pump

The Azcue KL-KB Eccentric Screw Pump is a robust workhorse designed to handle the toughest fluid transfer challenges. Featuring a unique single-screw design, this pump excels at handling viscous fluids, solids-laden liquids, and shear-sensitive materials, making it a top choice for diverse applications in the marine, industrial, and agricultural sectors.

Performance and Output

Exceptional Solids Handling: Handles solids up to 60% by volume, making it ideal for sewage, sludge, slurries, and other challenging fluids.
Viscous Fluid Expertise: Efficiently transfers fluids with viscosities up to 1,000,000 cP, offering superior performance for thick and sticky liquids.
Gentle and Shear-Sensitive: Maintains product integrity for shear-sensitive materials like food products, pharmaceuticals, and polymers.
High Flow Rates: Delivers flow rates up to 2,642 GPM (10,000 LPM) for efficient and rapid fluid transfer.

Key Features

Heavy-Duty Construction: Built with robust cast iron casing and stainless steel components for exceptional strength and durability.
Durable Single-Screw Design: Minimizes wear and tear, resulting in extended lifespan and reduced maintenance requirements.
Back Pull-Out Design: Enables easy maintenance and repair without disturbing the piping.
Variety of Materials Available: Options like stainless steel and bronze cater to specific application requirements and corrosive environments.

Product Notes

Low NPSH Requirements: Operates efficiently even with limited available suction head.
Quiet Operation: Minimizes noise pollution and creates a comfortable working environment.
Reversible Flow: Allows for reversing flow direction, providing added flexibility for specific applications.
Variety of Configurations: Available in KL (large solids handling) and KB (compact) versions to suit diverse needs.

Pump Applications


  • Bilge pumping
  • Ballast water transfer
  • Sewage and sludge handling
  • Fuel transfer
  • Lubrication transfer


  • Wastewater treatment
  • Chemical processing
  • Food processing
  • Paint and ink production
  • Paper and pulp production
  • Adhesive transfer


  • Manure and slurry handling
  • Irrigation
  • Fertilizer and pesticide application
  • Biogas production
  • Fruit processing

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