Azcue MN

Horizontal Monobloc Centrifugal Pump

The Azcue MN Horizontal Monobloc Centrifugal Pump was designed to master the diverse fluid transfer of any project. This pump's monobloc design combines the motor and pump into a single unit, simplifying installation and minimizing space requirements..

Performance and Output

Impressive Flow Rates: The MN pump efficiently handles flow rates of up to 660 GPM (2,500 LPM), making it suitable for a variety of high-demand applications.
Heads up to 295 feet (90 meters): With the ability to overcome substantial head pressure, the MN pump is well-equipped for challenging applications requiring substantial elevation changes.
Smooth Operation: The MN pump's hydraulic design ensures minimal turbulence and efficient fluid transfer, reducing energy consumption and operational costs.
Low NPSH Requirements: This pump operates effectively with limited available NPSH (Net Positive Suction Head), enhancing its suitability for demanding suction conditions.

Key Features

Monobloc design: Monobloc construction simplifies installation and minimizes space requirements, making it an ideal choice for applications with limited space.
Stainless steel impellers and shafts: Offer superior durability and wear resistance.
Robust bearings: Heavy-duty bearings ensure smooth operation and an extended pump lifespan, minimizing maintenance requirements.
Back pull-out design: The MN pump's back pull-out design allows for convenient maintenance and repairs without the need to disturb the piping system.

Product Notes

Innovative seal technology for enhanced sealing performance, reducing the risk of leaks.
Option for adjustable impellers, providing flexibility in flow and pressure control for varying applications.
Pump can be equipped with energy-efficient motors, contributing to reduced power consumption and cost savings.

Pump Applications


  • Bilge pumping
  • Deck washdown
  • Fire suppression
  • Sea water cooling and service
  • Grey water
  • Water recirculation
  • Ballast water systems


  • Process water supply
  • Cooling tower circulation
  • Water transfer and supply
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Chemical transfer


  • Livestock watering
  • Irrigation
  • Pond maintenance
  • Nutrient delivery

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