Azcue RA

Side Channel Self Priming Pump

The Azcue RA Side Channel Self Priming Pump is where convenience meets flexibility. This pump's self-priming capabilities and reversible design make it ideal for diverse applications requiring high-pressure liquid transfer and the ability to reverse flow direction

Performance and Output

Flow rates up to 18 m³/h (79 GPM): Handles moderate flow requirements efficiently.
Heads up to 60 m (197 ft): Overcomes significant head pressure for various applications.
Self-priming: Eliminates the need for external priming equipment, simplifying installation and operation.
Compact and close-coupled design: Saves valuable space and simplifies installation.

Key Features

Cast iron casing: Provides exceptional strength and resistance to corrosion.
Stainless steel impellers and shafts: Offer superior durability and wear resistance.
Heavy-duty bearings: Guarantee smooth operation and extended lifespan.
Variety of materials available: To suit specific application requirements, including bronze options.

Product Notes

Advanced flow control technology, allowing precise adjustment of flow rates, making it suitable for applications with varying liquid transfer requirements.
Reversible design allows pumping in either direction, offering unique flexibility for specific applications.

Pump Applications


  • Bilge pumping
  • Deck washdown
  • Ballast water transfer
  • Cooling water circulation
  • Fire fighting


  • Water transfer
  • Cooling tower circulation
  • Process water supply
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Chemical transfer


  • Irrigation
  • Livestock watering
  • Pond maintenance
  • Nutrient delivery
  • Crop spraying

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