Azcue RKZ

Vertical Piston Pump

The Azcue RKZ Vertical Piston Pump is an embodiment of precision and durability. With its ability to handle high-pressure tasks with ease, the RKZ pump is a reliable choice for those seeking uncompromising efficiency and longevity.

Performance and Output

High-pressure handling: The RKZ pump effortlessly handles high-pressure applications, making it suitable for challenging tasks that require precision and power.
Flow Rates up to 80 m³/h (352 GPM): With its impressive capacity, this piston pump ensures efficient liquid transfer even in high-demand scenarios.
Vertical orientation The vertical execution with a gearbox and twin piston design render the RKZ capable of high-pressure pumping.
Minimal vibration: The RKZ pump's design minimizes vibration, ensuring smooth and stable operation, even in demanding environments.

Key Features

Heavy-duty construction: Built with durability in mind, the RKZ pump features robust components that guarantee long-term reliability.
Multiple material options: The RKZ pump offers a variety of material choices, including stainless steel and bronze, to accommodate specific fluid compatibility needs.
Efficient lubrication system: The pump incorporates an efficient lubrication system, reducing maintenance requirements and ensuring continuous performance.
Easy maintenance: Designed with user convenience in mind, the RKZ pump's maintenance is simplified, allowing for quick and hassle-free servicing.

Product Notes

Robust performance in hydraulic systems and offshore installations where precision and reliability are essential.
Efficient lubrication system and advanced hydraulic control minimize maintenance requirements.
Available in various material options, including stainless steel and bronze.
Electronic or hydraulic drive options make it flexible in its application.

Pump Applications


  • Cargo handling
  • Hydraulic steering
  • Deck machinery
  • Water supply and transfer
  • Firefighting
  • Bilge water


  • Water treatment solutions
  • Boiler supply
  • Drainage systems

Oil and Gas Industries

  • Pressure enhancement
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Offshore installations
  • Seawater transfer

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