Azcue VST

Vertical Centrifugal Submersible Oil Pump

Meet your match for high-capacity underwater transfers. The Azcue VST Vertical Centrifugal Submersible Oil Pump's vertical design and high-performance motor deliver exceptional efficiency and convenience, making it ideal for demanding oil handling needs.

Performance and Output

Flow rates up to 1,100 GPM (4,167 LPM): Handles large volumes of oil efficiently, maximizing transfer productivity.
Heads up to 66 feet (20 meters): Overcomes significant head pressure for deep tanks and long transfer distances.
Submersible design: Operates directly within the oil, eliminating the need for external priming equipment and simplifying installation.
High-efficiency hydraulics: Minimizes energy consumption and reduces operating costs.

Key Features

Cast iron casing: Provides exceptional strength and resistance to corrosion.
Mechanical seal: Prevents leaks and protects the motor from water damage.
Heavy-duty bearings: Guarantee smooth operation and extended lifespan.
Submersible motor: Designed to operate reliably underwater.

Product Notes

Higher capacity version of the VSS. Ideal for large capacity of fuel and oil transfer.
Wide range of accessories available: Including pressure gauges, safety valves, and filters.
Low NPSH requirements. Operates efficiently with limited available suction head.
Materials available include cast iron, bronze, and steel.

Pump Applications


  • Bilge pumping
  • Oil transfer and removal
  • Water transfer and removal

Oil Circulation

  • Industrial machinery
  • Lubrication systems
  • Waste oil transfer for recycling or disposal

Fuel Transfer

  • Storage tanks
  • Tankers
  • Refilling stations

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