Azcue Pumps has been the official North American distributor and service center for Azcue Pumps S.A.
We supply pumps to many areas within the North American region. Many of our products are provided directly from our factory in Spain. For orders that are labeled as EXWORKS, we require that you or your designated logistics company connect with our contacts located at our factory in Spain to arrange for pick up. We will work with you to provide you with the necessary documents that are often required for exporting of goods. 

Freight charges, dimensions and weight are known at the time of the readiness of an order. We are unable to provide shipping, packing, handling, and other related estimates to you before the order readiness as this information can change before shipping and pickup.

If we are assisting you with the shipping, then we will work with you to ensure the timely delivery of your order. We can ship your order via air, land, or sea, depending on the destination. Our goods are packaged securely and can be annotated according to your specifications*.

We can help ensure that your order gets to the desired location. We partner with top freight forwarding and logistics organizations to provide you with confidence and expertise.

*Packing requirements must be communicated at the time of purchase order. Changes to packing requirements after the order has been placed may not be able to be accommodated or may result in additional charges. If a specific packing requirement cannot be met, you will be notified accordingly and provided other alternatives.

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